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Zeroth-world problems… In the office, the Google Home and my Android phone both respond to OK Google. Google Assistant devices have the ability to detect which device is being triggered. Although this is n=1, my Google Home appears to always gain the upper hand and will shut off the Android phone.

The issue is when she’s not able to perform the command. Especially at a desk, I like rattling out numbers to my Android phone to call a number. “OK Google… call 1–555-…”. This then what it feels like to then have to dial with my fingers…

Even more aggravating is that the Google Home chimes in that it make calls yet. Great. I know. I wasn’t asking.

While the trigger resolution feature useful on Google to prevent confusion, similar to that of Echo Spatial Perception, it’s clear that it either 1) gives unnecessary preference to the Home vs the phone or 2) should add more intelligence to hearing the full command before it decides to shut down an end point.

Since these devices are evolving, this will probably be a resolve issue within the next six months.

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