Pets You Can Get For $74,500

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Thinking about what sort of an animal farm you can get for about $75,000, I did some searching.

You can get between 6–18 of these friendly, furry pets. Maybe they’ll even provide an ROI if you can get some of them to mate or put them in shows.

Not quite championship winning, but maybe a 4th place finisher? This doesn’t include all of the maintenance of said stud.

Some really good ones. With the record being well over $1M, you’re probably not going to get the best but you’ll probably do better than the goldfish at your local pet store.

A small herd of maybe 10–11 zebras. Let’s hope you have a few hours of caring for them under your belt. Oh, and don’t try to ride them.

But the pet that might outlive them all:

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Need to send some Neo-Citran to a neighbour? This dog needs no treats. You can put pads on its feet to clean up the house or just have it sit on the porch to shoo intruders. There’s no cleaning up after it and if there is, it’s on you for making it walk into to something.

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