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The Pebble Watch

Oh Pebble. There are some things about you that still impress me. One of the apps that was developed for the Pebble is Voice Relay. It’s a simple tool that can be used to find your phone or to get your phone to speak out a message when activated through the app on the watch.

I can imagine a scenario where a voice message could be sent from the watch to an Echo or Google Home and the recording played out. “I’m running late, let me know if anything’s up” or “kids, come down for dinner”. What might even be better is to also be able to receive back messages and have them played out.

What’s great about the Pebble in this context is how light the applications run. There doesn’t need to be some complex apps running. Just record the voice and offload it to the Pebble app via BT and let the rest run there.

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