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What does Alexa have to do with parking?

Two big announcements about 2 HQ2s being built and a large investment by the Alexa Fund in ParkWhiz, a parking app, had me thinking. Yesterday, I speculated about why a tech giant could buy a car company. Maybe I was thinking to narrowly? Maybe a tech company could buy up all the car related companies.

Knowing where to park is critical for 1) self driving cars and 2) delivery people. Amazon is definitely in the latter area, with many private associates out making Prime deliveries. Could owning the app help them lock out other players who will have to figure out parking the old fashion way?

ParkWhiz might also help Amazon get local data, something that’s been more the domain of Google. Or maybe it’ll just help all the new commuters to the HQ2s find a space to park to get to work?

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