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For a few days, I struggled to re-pair my phone to my car. I had tried dozens of times to go through the infotainment system menus, go into pairing mode, then scan for a new device on my phone and connect. Dozens… maybe a hundred.

I removed the pairing by accident after trying to change from speakerphone to a Bluetooth headset. Especially while driving, I didn’t want to fuddle with changing settings so it was better to just have one device connected.

Getting into pairing mode took eight knob presses and three knob turns. The mode allowed only ten seconds for a pair to be established. Occasionally, the device would show up on my phone but then disappear. By the time I had hit scan on my phone, time was up on the pairing mode and I had to navigate the settings again.

Finally, in frustration, I went to YouTube and looked up directions for pairing with the car. There is it was. Press the speak button and ask for such and such setting. I went to try it out and sure enough, I got it within the first attempt. Using this mode, the pairing didn’t time out and persisted long enough for my phone to find the device.

In this instance, voice was the primary functioning method and the menu version was the non-working backup. Usually, it’s the other way around. From a UX perspective, probably best that at least as many features be available through manual interaction as there are through voice.

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