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I took for granted the seven day cycle. Working from home, the fact that it just always seems like a weekend, does more to disorient than other things. The lack of a Monday morning rush to drop the kids off and get to the first calls of the week, the relief of unplugging Friday evening…

Much of that stress was getting from one place to another. While I can’t complain that it’s gone, not having it means that days roll into each other. Sunday and Wednesdays feel alike.

The bit of sanity I retain are late night shows providing me news, filtered through comedy. However, they all seem to say the same thing night after night. It didn’t have to be this way, not enough was done, not enough is being done now.

Rituals become super important now. Whether it’s something like a shabbat, or it’s designated times of the day for doing some activity, or it’s some other delineation between work and family time. This is our new future so we should figure it out.

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