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In some countries, we’re starting to see Corona infections “peak”. Whether this is just related to a slowing of transmission or a slowing in reporting is something to consider. But it’s likely that shelter in place / lockdown will be the norm, likely for many more months. An office will be an exception.

A few years back, in going through some financial difficulties, we had to disband to remote. It was a rough ride at the beginning but eventually, as we figured out how to work, it ended up freeing up time and commutes.

Books like My Year Without Pants and Remote provide many examples of how to work remotely. By removing the office expenses, it means that you can focus on perks home offices or for the quarterly or annual gathering. Maybe smaller, more spread out and enclosed offices will catch on, ending the distraction fest of the open office.

But a regular office? Probably not. We’ll figure out how to WFH with kids, even small ones. This is going to be tough but many walls are going to come down that we didn’t need in the first place.

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