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The bigger news out of CES is more Google Assistant enabled devices… well, not exactly… they are Google Assistant-connected devices. This means they can be actuated or receive data from Google Assistant or be connected through Google’s automatic WiFi setup tools.

What is being shown at CES, however, is a preview and there is a black hole sign up page on their site. Not OK, Google. One demo at CES is of a low resolution 3D printed e-ink screen. Despite Google pouring tens of millions of dollars into a CES marketing, this is the example it provides of something that should be extraordinarily cool. An e-ink fridge magnet with information from Google Assistant could be a fantastic device from Google.

Retail it for $19 and Google, you’ll get inside the kitchen very quickly. Triby is a device that tried the e-ink notification play but it’s price-point is likely too high for most fridges.

A simple “Google Anything” button could also jump ahead of the Prime Dash Button or make it easier to start automation tasks. But the demo at CES doesn’t show the true potential. Google… don’t treat CES like a maker fair. The C is for consumers.

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