Not Glowing for Echo Glow

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I was excited to try out the Echo Glow but it’s been a bit of a disappointment.

The device was to serve as a nightlight for the kids’ room but it’s been difficult to control.

It’s not that it’s not colourful or bright enough, or that it’s not responsive to touch… it’s that controlling it is a pain. Also, setup was not a breeze.

First, it took several attempts, even with the QR code, to get it to connect to WiFi. Second, controlling it is through the Alexa App and it’s not clear if it’s a light or an Echo device.

I want it to dim at sunset and stay red or pink throughout the night, de-activating the tap to change colour mode. I want it to light up at sunrise.

Nope. At least not in a way that makes it easy to set.

It’s a $30 connected light but a Philips Hue in a nice lamp might have been easier to control.

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