Normalizing Bluetooth Wearables

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I remember when bluetooth headsets had become all the rage ~2005/2006. It was 2007 before I had my first Motorola earpiece and it took about 2 minutes before I felt self-conscious about wearing it. Soon, I only used it while driving and when I knew no one could see me. It wasn’t long that wearing a BT headset had become a bit cliche for business person.

Then, Google Glass came out and the term “Glasshole” came to life.

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From Urban Dictionary

There was a lot of push back as Google Glass seemed to make the observer feel they were being recorded all the time. What’s interesting is that Spectacles didn’t see the same pushback from consumers years later — either because Google broke the convention or because SnapChat didn’t make the claim of how their glasses saved users from the “emasculation” of smartphones.

Fifteen years after the first big wave of devices had hit shelves, it seems like we’re in a new era with EarPods. Casually observing, they are becoming “normal” and you can see the weird earring looking devices in many lobes walking through busy pedestrian traffic.

What we’ll likely see in this second half of the year is another big wave of “hearables” hitting the market that have an equivalent fashion sense and performance of Apple’s product at a much lower cost.

With this, it may soon be very normal and acceptable to keep these devices in ear all day long.

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