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Thanks to a new baby, I’ve been doing a lot of one handed typing. It’s been frustrating, especially that in late 2017, the state of speech recognition is well. My laptop is also typically located in a quiet environment and to boot, I usually have on a high quality headset with a boom mic.

Right now, if I want to do anything longer than one sentence, the solution I’ve been able to use is Google Docs and the voice typing tool. I found this to be highly reliable and very good at not disconnecting at end point. It allows you to pause and think about your next phrase. However, it frustrates me that I need to got to Google Docs and create a new document, then to copy/paste the text in order to be able to use voice.

Some questions:

  • Why isn’t this feature available in Google Mail?
  • Or a Chrome Extension (from Google)?
  • Why isn’t there a truly handsfree version of this that could use a wake word in browser?
  • Better: why isn’t there a handsfree Alexa tool for browsers? Same for Siri and Google Assistant?

There is a lot being left on the table by the big players. What are they scared of?

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