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No touching. No touching!

What’s one of my gripes with the Macbook Touchbar? No haptic feedback. You don’t know if which button you’re touching. The rest of the Macbook keys have a wonderful clicky-ness to them. These chiclet style keys have just the right amount of lift and spacing to make them usable.

When I first switched to a Mac many years ago, I didn’t like the keyboard. I thought the spacing between the keys was too large and the elevation too low. However, over time, I grew to love the feeling.

However, the Touchbar gives zero feedback when you’ve touched anything. Without seeing the screen or what’s on the Touchbar, you don’t know what you’ve pressed. I’ve inadvertently activated Siri so many times and feel awkward when I have to tell her I don’t need her help.

I’m hopeful that future generations will incorporate some type of haptic feedback or maybe a physical key that has a changeable face. In the meantime, I try to avoid touching the Touchbar.

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