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On the weekends, I fall behind on email. Maybe I should phrase that differently? My kids don’t really allow me. There a few ways they “interfere”:

  • They have activities that require ferrying around and active participating. Driving, dancing, and going out together.
  • They are so curious whenever I take out my phone or open my laptop. It’s only a matter of time before I hear “what are you doing?” and at least one set of eyes is next to me. Before I know it, they’re trying to take away my device.
  • They like my attention. They want to play. They want me to play ice cream truck or pick them up on my shoulders.

Maybe it’s an inherent dissatisfaction with my productivity during the week that makes me think that I need to do check in? Maybe it’s boredom? Sometimes it’s curiosity. However, I really love that I have this pressure to take me away from tech, to interrupt. Even if I sometimes just want to finish this paragra…

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