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It probably happened some time ago but I missed it. The Echo Look went out of stock and never came back online… “Currently Unavailable”. Sure, the promotional site for it is still up, but we’ll probably not see it again.

The Look pushed Amazon Wardrobe, a personal shopping / fashion type of experience. The service still seems to be live but the Echo Look was an oddity as a voice first device.

I’m wondering if this feature could be pushed to Echo Show devices. Or maybe third part Alexa Built-In devices with cameras? Or an app? Or the Amazon Cloud Cam? Ring?

Maybe there’s even a portable version of the camera that could be used for taking group shots by voice. What if you could act like a director and shoot between multiple cameras by voice? “Camera 1, pan right”, “Switch to Camera 2”, “Camera 3, zoom in”?

There’s still something on the table for voice and cameras an the market hasn’t been fitted yet.

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