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If you haven’t heard Oscar the Grouch’s rendition of Me Gusta, it’s worth a listen:

Oscar riffs on the original Me Gusta song that talks about all the things the Sesame Street characters like to do. He talks about the things he doesn’t like. Oscar has it right. It’s important to know what we don’t like. It’s even more important to know what our clients don’t like as well — and it what order of priority.

I don’t like cheese on my burgers.

I don’t like repeating myself.

I don’t like chicken liver (on any sense).

I don’t like having long nails.

I don’t like the sound of chalk on a board.

I can be having the most wonderful time, but if I experience any of the above, it really sours the experience. If someone knows these things in the context of an interaction, it can save us both a lot of hardship.

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