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Two interesting pieces on Alexa this week. The first is Bloomberg talking about how, despite 80,000 apps, there’s no breakaway hit. Second is Mark Cuban saying the next place to start a business is Alexa and Google Assistant.

About the first point of no hits… well, I’m curious how it’s defined. 50M+ adults in the US accessing end points for Alexa is a large audience and the ration of Skills to users is still low — giving a lot of opportunities for builders.

For voice Skills, Jeopardy!, 7 Minute Workout, and Tile have been top skills for months if not years. There’s also top Skills for each category.

Also, there’s still lots of room to innovate with Skills, like enabling devices or combining screen, buttons, or gadgets. The breakaway Skills of the next five years will seem completely different than what we’re seeing now.

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