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I like that the Echo has notifications. However, without Googling how to resolve it, I haven’t figured out how to dismiss a notification without listening to it.

Every time I try “Cancel notification” or “Dismiss notification”, the device prompts me to open the Alexa app. Oh, I also have to change settings.

I have a disdain for the Alexa app. An app in itself is such an un-Alexa thing. You mean I have to use my hands? … That’s like a baby’s toy. (sorry, Back To The Future II quote)

The ideal experience would be to be able to dismiss them. The other opportunity here is to send an email to me with a quick link to the settings page so that I can toggle the setting off.

However, I actually like these notifications. It helps me know that there’s a package waiting for me. However, sometimes I’ve already picked up the package so I don’t need the notification or I know already what the notification is about.

There is still room for improvement around notifications on Alexa, as well as on other devices.

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