New Data on Smart Speaker Sales

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Strategy Analytics came out with a report this week with new sales numbers on global sales of smart speakers. What they found was that Amazon’s global share is 41%, Google’s is 28%, Alibaba at 7%, and Apple behind at 6%. (if you remember the Ding Dong from 2016) had 2%.

What was interesting is the 16% defined as “others”. Do Ubis and Ivees fall into this (maybe single digit unit shipments since they’re discontinued)? There’s the Cortana speakers, Sony speakers but it would seem that it would be such a large variety to count that would make up this amount. Or, perhaps these include Alexa-enabled speakers? Or those with Google Assistant?

What might be an interesting metric is how many non-phone endpoints do Google or Amazon have for their assistants (or Apple for that matter). That’s likely the true index of ubiquity.

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