New Alexa Skill: Your Name Says

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Today, I launched a new Alexa Skill called Your Name Says.

Essentially, it’s Simon Says but you can replace “Simon” with your name. It is a one turn game. It only asks what your name is. Then, it inserts your name into the game as it asks you to do different things. If you didn’t hear your name saying to do something, you don’t do it.

You can check it out here.

The Skill randomly cycles through about 20 different activities. You then need to re-activate the Skill with “Alexa, open Your Name Says” in order to play it again.

Very simple.

The game was inspired by my older daughter, who asked to play Simon Says but wanted it to be with her name instead.

The Skill was built using Voiceflow. Hat tip to another Toronto startup on building a cool tool. This was a go-to since Pullstring was acquired by Apple.

This is the first Skill I’ve personally developed and required no coding. Previous, the Skills I’d been a part of were for prototyping or benchmarking with voice integration.


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