New Alexa and Google Stats

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Amazon announced a few days ago that it shipped tens of millions of Alexa devices and there are now 70,000 Skills. In terms of Alexa endpoints not including mobile devices, we’re probably well into the 100M range.

In a Voicebot.AI article on RBC Research of Smart Speakers, it showed that 20M Google Home users in the US with an average of 2.2 devices per user. In terms of total percentage of households in the US with smart speakers it’s not clear. We heard estimates of >20% in April. Maybe it’ll be >33% after everyone has finished opening their gifts this week?

What is clear is that voice is a burgeoning, multi billion dollar industry and will probably hit billions of endpoints within the next decade. So, even with more than 100 million devices out there, we’re still just beginning.

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