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I forget that I have Google Homes at work and at Home.

My Echos get used all the time, especially at home.

First, it’s annoying when my phone and Google Home both trigger and I think that the phone will continue to pick it up. Or, that when I want to make a call on my phone and use OK Google, that the Home responds.

Second, my Home Mini is tucked away (but still picks up voice well). I don’t see it or have a reminder of its presence. It is a disembodied voice.

Only on rare occasion when Alexa doesn’t know the answer or I need to look up some real information that I will summon Google Assistant.

We saw similar behaviour with the Ubis in the field when they weren’t being used often. It helped me craft this rule:

The more you use something, the more likely you’ll continue to use something.

If you stop using something, it’s unlikely you’ll resume using something.

There is a lot of inertia to overcome to get someone to start using something they’ve discontinued using. Nudges, alerts, incentives… that, or a dusty unused piece of hardware.

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