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Thinking about how I use voice on my phone, one of the most prevalent searches is “OK Google… navigate home”. Within five seconds, I usually have Google Maps populated with directions. This is typically within the same amount of time that it takes for me to mount my phone to the dash.

Over the next 10 years, this command will likely be replaced with “Drive Home” as a command to a Google-powered autonomous vehicle. What other voice commands might be associated with a self driving vehicle?

  • Stop the car
  • Add another stop
  • Drop me off over here / out front
  • Take me to the drive through
  • Slow down
  • Speed up
  • Take me back home
  • Take me to work
  • Pick up my friend
  • Turn on (station / podcast / entertainment)
  • Turn up the volume
  • Say again
  • Take a side route / scenic route
  • Call (contact)

With some autonomous car concepts having no physical controls, voice interaction will become more critical.

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