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Today, while doing a demo I noticed a strange behaviour. When I went to mute the Google Home, it decided to announce that it was muted. This seems fairly unintuitive. If someone is going to mute the device, they generally wanted to be quieter. Why would it then make more noise?

Then, when grazing the top of the button and accidentally pressing on the top, I get this…


It was loud and surprising.

Perhaps there’s a different interpretation of mute by different people? I’m muting the microphones, but in reality, we’re deafening the microphones. If the device is muted it should be able to speak.

For the real world, the mute button should essentially disable mic and speaker on the device. Maybe there should be a separate silence button for the Google Home Max or Apple HomePod? Also, a chime is much better at communicating that something is on or off then a full speech response.

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