Musical Timers

Leor Grebler
1 min readJan 2, 2021

The concept of musical timers is great.

When I was in elementary school, I’d set an alarm clock to make sure I’d be up in time. The alarm was jarring and after some time, and maybe during daylight saving time changes, I’d hear it go off outside of the alarm times. I’d have an entire nervous system reaction. It’s like I could feel my pupils dilate.

Overtime, the electronic beeps were replaced with ringtones. Eventually, device makers got smarter and had better music available for waking up.

The latest alarm that struck me was the Samsung Bixby alarm. It has pleasant music and an announcer that tells what the time is.

Now, both Google Assistant and Alexa allow for waking up to music. It’s not clear after two minutes of researching online if Siri allows for this.

Music is the killer app for voice. It was an absolutely profound experience to ask for a song and have it play. The first experiences with it on the Ubi gave me shivers:

Playing a wake up playlist or just a song is a great way to get up. Of course, the best song to wake up is the theme to (the original) DeGrassi High:



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