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I don’t think I fully appreciated the power of music until recently. Seeing how quickly a meltdown with kids can be averted by playing music and how drastically their moods change is an amazing illustration of its primordial powers.

Back when we were first looking at applications of the Ubi, we quickly saw that one of the best applications of a voice first product was music play. The speed from thought of a song to the listening of it is fastest when it’s a voice request. As well, the competing user experience is finding the phone, unlocking it, finding the app, and finding the music you want, ensuring the phone is connected to the right speaker… and on and on. It could take ten times as long to hear the song.

What voice with music does is transform the experience. “Alexa, play Baby Shark” can diffuse a time bomb in a way me looking up the song on the phone can’t. So what’s next?

Maybe music-first devices can assay the environment and pick a song that would be required. Meltdown detector would be a great application. Maybe it could interrupt a situation with a song?

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