Multilingual Voice Typing

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OK, another 0-world problem but an interesting one…

Switching between two languages and using Gboard’s voice typing has been an enlightening experience. First, depending on whether the cursor is place, the language that can change without the user’s knowledge, meaning that you start to dictate but Gboard thinks that you’re speaking in English.

Sometimes, deleting any spaces and starting again doesn’t resolve the issue, causing more frustration. Then, of course, the accuracy in languages other than English on Gboard isn’t as good and with my accent, it creates more issues. On top of that, I have an accent so it’s likely that this contributes to lack of accuracy.

If you speak any other language other than English, even if it’s only a few words, trying voice dictation in that language is a good way to gain perspective on some of the challenges non-native English speakers have in using voice-first products.

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