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With the release of the Nest Cam IQ, voice interaction is finally coming to Nest devices. Ever since the acquisition of Dropcam by Nest several years ago for a staggering fortune (after Google’s staggering fortune spent on Nest), it made sense that Google would do something creative with a camera, smoke alarm, and thermostat. However, it’s surprising that it took so long or Google Assistant integration to happen.

For some time, voice interaction has been available through thermostats. Several years back, Honeywell launched the lyric line of thermostats. More recently, ecobee integrated with Alexa Voice Service. With Nest Cam IQ, what we finally see is an attempt at unifying the Nest devices with Google Assistant.

However, this could have been done a year ago. Instead of launching anew Nest cam a year ago, Nest could have easily put voice interaction into its devices. I’m easy for start could have been simple trigger words followed by Google Assistant interaction. In any case, nest seems to be working hard to block Amazon from getting into the house. It would be unlikely that someone who uses that new Nest IQ with Google Assistant would also have an echo or Alexa enabled device alongside it. It would be even less likely 4 multiple Alexa devices to be in the same home alongside Google Assistant.

There are still rumors that Google will come up with a next generation Google home product over the next few weeks. It might be smaller, similar to the Echo Dot. Of course, the war for voice devices will heat up further should Amazon announce an update to its Echo line over the next few weeks.

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