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Yesterday, it was great to sit on a panel at the Alexa Conference and talk about “Privacy In A #VoiceFirst World” with John Kelvie of Bespoken, Amy Stapleton of Tellables, and Katie McMahon of SoundHound. The panel was moderated by Bradley Metrock of VoiceFirst.FM.

Some thoughts on privacy with ambient voice interaction…

  • There are two main types of privacy people are concerned about: freedom from government oppression and prevented malicious use of our data by corporations / people
  • Biggest consumer concern around VoiceFirst devices is eavesdropping
  • The train has left the station in terms of always on voice capture. We’ll probably see this happen in the next few years
  • Voice first devices are scarier because they’re in our homes
  • It might take a voice privacy apocalypse before we have a hard look at what we’re doing around privacy
  • Government legislation of privacy will likely overreach at first
  • Another speaker at the event, Brian Rommele, predicted at least 50 devices with microphones in the home in the next five years
  • Technologies like Lyrebird or Voco are pretty scary in what they might be able to do to harm our reputations

We’ll likely need our devices to have multi-factor (but passive) authentication to ensure more privacy around our interactions.

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