Mobile Ordering Vs the Line

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It’s amazing that mobile ordering is final catching on at Starbucks. Of course, this is a non-scientific observation. It just seems that more often, you’ll hear a barista or server call out a mobile order for someone.

One of the things I like about Starbucks’ execution of this is that the servers call out “Mobile order for…”. First, it’s practical in actually letting people know about the order. Second, it advertises the ability to make mobile orders to all of those standing in line.

While observing one queue, you could see someone approach it, look how long it was, and then decide to take out their phone to order. Some ways that an app might enhance or speed up the ordering experience:

  • The app knowing you’re in the Starbucks and prompting you whether you want to re-order your last order
  • Providing a quick order menu on detection of being in the store
  • Letting you know where in the queue your order is, including compared to other orders

There are still a lot of interesting experiences that could be built combining app with retail locations.

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