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There have been no shortage of hardware device announcements over the past few weeks. The latest is news of the HomePod Mini is one of the more interesting announcements. This device is a new entrant for Apple.

What this device also shows is a convergence towards spherical speakers. The device makers from Homey are probably feeling a little bit Vindicated from both Amazon and Apple using a shape similar to their voice based device. What these manufacturers are realizing is that there are many benefits of a spherical design. Pictures of the shape also look much better in a home.

The other interesting detail is the price. At $99, the device is very competitive with others on the market… especially since Apple is considering it a premium audio device. At that price, it’s very likely 4 apple and audio enthusiasts purchase multiple devices for their home. you could buy 10 or more for the price of a new iPhone.

In terms of wish list items, I love to see integration with more services like Spotify. it would also be great to have a path for integration with services for non-apple users. The latter is probably a bit of a stretch.

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