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More specifically, mind transmission.

The number hasn’t been many, but I can recount a number of situations where I’ve wanted to transmit a thought to someone in the middle of a meeting. If we had all been remote in the meeting, I’d have been able to send a quick message via instant messenger but in a live, face-to-face meeting, without resorting to the obvious of taking out my phone and texting the individual, this is not easily done.

The situation might arise if I want the individual who’s speaking to disclose information in certain way, stop what they’re saying, or remind them of something without tipping off the others in the conversation. Those with a very high emotional quotient who are also paying attention to their surroundings are able to pick this up, but what could be some tools to enhance this for others who aren’t as adept?

First, what are the signs that someone is trying to transmit a thought to you?

  • Their gazed is fixed on you
  • Their eyelids are wide open
  • Their pupils are dialated
  • Their jaw is usually locked
  • Their eyebrows are furled
  • Their eye movements may be signalling to you
  • Their hands might be moving

So what could be some mechanisms to detect this?

  • If there were cameras in the room, that’s one way.
  • If you had on you a camera like a Google Glass that could inform you
  • If your phone could see them and was detecting some stress from them

And how could you be informed?

  • Maybe a text message?
  • If you’re on Google Glass, a flashing notification to let you know a thought is incoming
  • Maybe your phone could ring to buy time for a distraction

AI can detect signs that we might have missed but allowing to augment our interactions with others means building the applications that use this information.

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