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I spent the night looking at Momina. That was the name of the project memo system for my fourth year project in undergrad engineering. I had very little programming knowledge but I had more willingness than others to jump into things that I didn’t know how to do.That trait has stuck with me to this day.

Have just worked on a very tight deadline, Im starting to get used to the feeling of working late into the night. When I’m healthier, I’ll actually feel more tired at night. My theory is that this is encouragement to make it easier to sleep and keep being healthy.

Having worked on a number of projects that had large consequences (of delays) over the past week, I’m starting to have that college feeling again. It’s the heavy eyes, the typos, the drifting into slumber that’s familiar. The difference is that I’ve doubled in years and can’t hyper caffeinate without dire consequences.

So you only need to try to work on writing late at night to feel young again — the price of the fountain of youth.

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