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For a long time, I had bought a Hootsuite membership. It would save me about a minute a day in reposting. However, with some of the UI changes, that time dropped and the time savings were lowered. I did my own social media so it didn’t make sense to have a whole suite to manage it for one post per day.

However, it eventually pays to automate tasks. Sometimes, these are work related (autoresponders or having an email resurface if there’s no reply) and sometimes they might be life related (like automatic bill payments or finally figuring out how to set the thermostat).

Being a fan of lifehacking, I’m always curious about what things can be automated to save time and effort or enhance quality of life. I’ve tried many things but the most effective have been those that involved batching tasks or automatic withdrawals.

It’s been interesting to make small changes that reduce the decision making so that I don’t need to think about mundane things. I’ve done this with clothing and meal time / variety and it’s freed up time to write here.

For many types of automation, whether it’s on the micro-scale like what to wear today or on the macro-scale like hiring process, setting up constraints makes things much easier. Of course, a review of these at a regular interval provides a check in case the system goes awry.

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