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In 2018, we’re going to see the evolution of a the display that goes along with voice first devices. These are not so much meant for viewing Netflix or long programming, but for augmenting the voice-first experience.

A few predictions (without insider knowledge):

  • We’ll see another Amazon Echo Show like device. Maybe they’ll call it the Echo Showmate (many years ago I worked for a company that produced it’s own product called the Showmate… )
  • Third party devices will support Echo Show-like features
  • There will be smaller kitchen-sized touch screen displays that can work with Chrome Cast or have it built in
  • Facebook will come out with a Messenger-based voice-first display
  • We’ll see a lot of DIY projects that will use Raspi’s or similar to interact with voice-first products

There is definitely a better experience when there’s a good companion display with voice.

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