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For the next few years, masks might be the norm.

We could all be sick without knowing it. We could get sick, without knowing it. Even with a Coronavirus vaccine, what about new forms of illness. And then it begs the question… why were we OK with respiratory illnesses to begin with?

Why was it OK for hundreds of thousands of people to die each year from the flu?

We might be facing an interesting social experiment ahead of us. Could we kill off a few generations of contagions by being extra vigilant for a few years? Or will such an experiment backfire and make us less adept to bacterial and viral infections?

What the pandemic might push is a global need for us to treat the underlying things that weaken our immune system. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, lack of sunlight, stress, and other thing that make it easier for these pandemics to take route.

We will likely see new tech and fashions around masks spring up over the next few months as returning to normal means covering up.

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