Many great products are about making things easier, not about some magical breakthrough.

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Uber, Lyft, SkipTheDishes, AirBnB, Square Pay, etc — the underlying technology is simple or built by someone else. The magic usually comes after they’ve hit their stride.

It’s amazing how much value can be derived in making something easier for someone. Professionals and consultants get paid well because what’s easier for them is difficult or impossible for others to do on their own.

The same applies to technologies. Instagram makes it much easier to share photos. Uber makes it might easier to get a ride. The price they can command (or advertisers or users they can attract) is proportional to how much effort they save.

Many prospective investors might demand a company have some technological secret sauce or heavy patent protection in place before investing but they might be missing on the bigger opportunities. What does this product or company do to make things easier?

It might be all the stuff around the AI or tech that’s really the magical part.

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