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In World War I, one of the most devastating weapons systems was low tech — barbed wire. The use of barbed wire could effectively slow an advance of foot soldiers from one trench to another or direct the flow of traffic. When it comes to something completely different — consumer adoption of hardware technology — some of the causes of abandonment are low tech as well.

  • The cable doesn’t reach from the outlet to the desired location of the device
  • The orientation of the adapter doesn’t allow it to be plugged into a power bar without covering other plugs
  • The color doesn’t match the decor
  • The sun shines on the display causing a bad reflection
  • It’s hard to hear the device because of ambient noise

At some point, the equivalent of a tank for home consumer electronics will emerge — it’ll be wireless power. The holy grail is likely being able to send 10 W (5V 2A) at 1 m. With this, it’ll be possible embed wireless power into walls to power devices.

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