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I’m starting to lose my dominion of my Echos. Even my youngest can now trigger and issue commands. Usually, it’s “Play five speckled frogs” or something similar. With the older one, it’s sometimes devolved into a war over volume.

Pretty soon, I won’t have control and will have to use reason. This is going to be tough. “No, it’s bedtime.” “One more song.” “Your sister’s sleeping so let’s wait until the morning.”

Parental controls for voice are becoming more real. Being able to monitor what they’re exposed to is becoming critical.

This is still easy but what about when the assistant becomes so personalized in its interaction that it’s hard to predict what it will come up with? Will it need to be dumbed down so it can be used around children? We know how we feel about data collection from minors but what about how AI powered assistants will interact with them?

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