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A few weeks ago, Amazon announced location based routines as part of an update to the Alexa app. First, a grudge… the Alexa app just crumbles after I launch it. I can get to one or two screens and then a dark navy blue screen that does nothing. So, I’m not able to test out this feature.

However, I can think about it… and reminisce on a similar feature we had with the Ubi. We had enabled an Ubi channel on IFTTT and one of the cool recipes was the ability to push an announcement to the Ubi based on location of the user. When I got close to the office, my Ubi would announce “the boss is coming, look busy” (eye rolls ensued) and at home, it would announce my imminent arrival.

However, it required deleting the recipe for it to stop operating — there was no way to pause it and you don’t always want an announcement when you get somewhere. It wasn’t possible to add multiple conditions, like only sending the announcement during business hours.

I’m excited to see such a feature become “mainstream” through the Echo app. I’m hopeful that people will start creating interesting routines that eventually become shareable.

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