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The Echo Dot for Kids is an exciting product in that in brings a kid-friendly (and potentially safe) interaction with Alexa. I had written about times where I’d be yelling “Alexa, STOP!!!” in response to “Alexa, play my knapsack on my bag” and the horror of Alexa’s response “OK, playing ‘My Hips, My Back’”.

This answers the questions:

  • How do you prevent mature content from playing on the device?
  • How do you prevent purchases on the device?

The addition of foam / plastic padding is bonus to both identify the product as a kid-friendly version and to prevent it from being damaged when it’s inevitably used as a toy.

We’ll see whether the kid-content drives any traffic. Maybe a whole kid-friendly personality could be a better fit?

Other questions/thoughts…

  • Could a Kid Alexa be available on third party AVS implementations?
  • Is it possible to turn on this mode on current Echo devices?
  • Could branded versions be made available (e.g. a Matel or Disney Echo)?
  • If so, is this a threat to OEM/ODM AVS partners?

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