Jogging Memory

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Photo by Rickyukon, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve looked at pictures to jog my memory a lot recently.

It’s helped in looking up packing lists or trying to remember the name of a restaurant I might have visited. I have Google Photos, Apple Photos, Google Maps Timeline, my email history, my calendar.

All of these hold more facts than I can recall easily. However, I can look at them and can be transported back to the full visual feeling of what I experience, the touch and sound, the hopes and tensions. I can relive the experience with what I know today and glean new insights.

Technology will be better at being searchable. It will provide more dimensions and may be better at pre-populating queries based on context. This will mean we can be forgetful in remembering dates but still have access to all the experiences on those dates.

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