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I’ve had a chance to play the Alexa version of Jeopardy for the past week. It’s a great two minute distraction that can be done while tidying up the house. Also, using an Echo Show adds more realness to it as the clue is displayed on the screen (however, the synching of reading the clue and displaying it is off).

However, in thinking about Jeopardy the game, I worry it might be over soon. And no, not because Alex Trebek grew a beard. And it’s also not because no one bothers to learn trivia when you can look something up. It’s because pop culture is ending.

At least a part of Jeopardy relies on contestants (and viewers participating at home) following current events. 20 years ago, news sources were centralized. Now, most younger people get their news through their newsfeed, whether on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Everyone is becoming more silo’d. In fact, Jeopardy watchers might find themselves within their own silo.

Perhaps the next version of Jeopardy will be on topics of a micro culture within a micro community, instead of pop culture knowledge?

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