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I’m going to unpack slowly the hardware announcement from Amazon last week. There were a lot of products. The one I’m a fan of is the Echo Dot with Clock. It solves one of the issues with having an Echo near by and not wearing a watch.

“Alexa, what’s the time?” is probably one of the most asked questions. Having the time displayed gets rid of this question.

The Dot with Clock also is more appealing for a bedroom, where a time display is usually part of the setup but where you wouldn’t necessarily want a camera, such as with the Echo Spot.

The incremental value of an additional $10 seems to be worth it (I noticed that it’s both a $10 CAD and $10 US price difference). However, the Dot is now not the lowest tier device and it might still be awhile before we see an Amazon branded device that is below the $20 mark.

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