It’s More of a Quick Tide

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I’ve been waiting for wave to hit of voice enabled devices. I’ve been talking about it for over a year. Maybe in retrospect, we’ll look back over the year and it will look like a wave — HomePod, Home, Echo Look, Echo Show. What I was expecting based on CES and other shows was a slew of AVS-enabled device.

However, we are seeing every week or two another AVS-enabled device show up and recently, more have hit store shelves (or at least Amazon listings). Over the summer and definitely by the fall, we’ll likely go from dozens to over 100 devices. There’s also the prospect that at least a dozen or two devices will be Google Assistant enabled by the end of the calendar year.

A new category is also forming — voice supporting devices. These include holders for Echos or speakers designed specifically to plug into the Echo Dot. More of these accessory devices may creep out by the fall.

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