It’s just a matter of time Corona

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To borrow and mutate the lyrics of Sharona by the Knack, “it’s just a matter of time Corona.” Last weekend, I made a wager that by the end of this week we’d see 1,000 confirmed cases here. It was a wager I hoped I’d lose but here we are… over 1,000 confirmed cases.

Extrapolating backward from what’s happening in Europe, it seems like in Canada, we might see 5,000 confirmed cases by the end of the week. (I’m not an epidemiologist by any stretch) However, it seems like if lockdowns are imposed more rigorously, we can beat this. Those countries that have taken testing more seriously, enforced closures, setup quarantine centres, and distributed masks, soap, disinfectant, and other protective gear have had much more success in cutting down numbers.

They’ve also had an increase number of testing. We hear so many stories about those who’ve suspected they’ve been ill and have been turned away because they didn’t meet testing criteria. The ideal would be a test that could detect the virus even before the individual is symptomatic. One can dream!

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