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Sure, New Year’s is just a date but it’s a new date is always, whether it be year or calendar, is always a good opportunity to set a period of time. In fact, it gets frustrating when things are not set on an annual or monthly start. It’s much easier to talk about how much you spent in November vs how much you spent in November 7 — December 8. And when do you add in the 30 vs 31 day period for those mid-month starts?

We had a fiscal year end that ended September 30. I was with other companies that had November 30 or April 30 and it was an annoyance to write out FY1718 to refer to that fiscal year. Why not have one that just ends with the full year?

For over two years, I’ve run monthly experiments that typically start on the first of the month. With some, it’s taken a few days to get started or decide what I wanted to do but it always fell to a calendar month challenge.

Yes, the start is 2019 is just a date but why discourage the creation of goals, challenges, or experiments around that? Maybe the goal shouldn’t be a year out — the resolution is too large to get motivated — but at least it’s good to use the momentum to start something.

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