It’s Gotta Be Celebrity Voices

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Amazon published a bunch of YouTube videos today of celebrities receiving headsets. They end with an ominous… 2–4–18.

Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins, Leslie Jones, and Cardi B so far make up the celebrities. 2–4 is Super Bowl Sunday. They receive an Amazon Prime box and inside is a wireless mono headset. I couldn’t find the brand of headset so maybe that’s the surprise too?

Anthony Hopkins’ line is “Well, well, well… looks like an old friend needs a helping hand.” I hope it’s not a gimmick but I think that some people could prefer having a celebrity be the voice of their Echo.

Amazon acquired Ivona several years ago and has since turned it into Amazon Polly. With it is the technology to turn voice actors’ and actresses’ voices into text to speech synthesis. At the time, it could take a few weeks of training to develop a custom voice but it’s likely that this time has been reduced significantly.

We’ll see in a few days if this is their way of keeping ahead of Google and Apple.

More of the videos:

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