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UCIC’s patent on ubiquitous voice interaction

Recently, I’ve moved an Echo from one location to another on the opposite side of the room. One device is playing music, I want to change the song. “Alexa, play Baby Shark.”

The wrong device picks up the trigger and request. “Amazon Music is playing on another device, would you like it to stream here instead?”


Amazon’s “Echo Spatial Perception” was announced over two years ago, just as the Echo Dot was being sold in 12-packs. The idea was that you could have multiple Echos in a single room and they’d be able to assess which one was closest to the user or heard best and pass the session to the device that would hear best.

This is the ubiquitous part of ubiquitous computing and we’re still some ways away from a smooth experience. Echos still act a bit silo’d. With the new Echo Dot coming out and the price of AVS-enabled devices becoming Dottier, it’s ESP-triggering is bound to happen more.

There is an opportunity for both Amazon as well as third party hardware makers to build on this lack of seamlessness in transferring sessions. Additional services like biometrics and security can be layered on top. At the very least, Amazon can remember who initiated the session and what the previous choice was to be able to stream music.

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