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Fast Company put out an article yesterday on Why can’t Alexa and Google Assistant coexist on one device?. Having both devices within earshot of each other in almost all places, I’ve sometimes been tongue tied to call one device or the other. It does make sense that a device with both assistants running simultaneously should exist. Both Amazon and Google have APIs/SDKs for Alexa and Google Assistant.

We have run Google Assistant and Alexa simultaneously on the same device for prototypes. While it’s very cool, there can be conflicts for local hardware resources. While it’s possible to work around this issue, it’s unlike one or the other of the voice assistant companies won’t allow for a device to get to market with this configuration.

While with Amazon there is more and more transparency on how they certify devices for “Alexa Built-In”, Google has remained a black box, only allowing in an elite few to it’s third party program. The rules of how to engage with marketing a product with Google Assistant embedded in it are still not well known.

This is not helpful in getting Google more Assistant endpoints.

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