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It’s not that different than 2019. Slightly more so than 2018. 2010? Hmm What is actually much better?

Android. Android in 2010 was pretty lousy. You were much better off going with a Blackberry or an iPhone. Today, it’s a toss up. Samsung and Google both have great devices.

Voice. Voice is a huge difference. In 2010, you had Google Voice being used to capture voice samples that later led to Google being a titan in voice recognition. Otherwise, Vlingo was the only real voice app. Oh, and voice dialing through training a phone. 2020, voice and voice technology is everywhere.

Maker stuff. You basically had Arduino and a small community. Now, you can get a RaspberryPi 3B+ with vision processing capabilities. High quality 3D printers are readily accessible. If you transport the same creativity from 2010 to 2020, they obstacle to make something is significantly reduced.

Internet. Median download speeds are 10x faster. Website loading speed hasn’t really been a thing for a few years (it was a big deal 10 years ago). Streaming is the way to consume content now.

There’s plenty more to add but we’ll likely see at least a 10x improvement on all the above over the next decade.

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